Workplace Communication

Welcome to the course, Workplace Communication

Communication is included in the Basic Competencies (21st Century Skills) which is included in all the qualifications at National Certificate level 1 and 2. 

The 21st century skills are know-hows required for a learner to exercise, evaluate, develop, and enhance sustainable development procedures in order to better adapt in the changing 21st century workplace environment. Whatever position you hold in the workplace, these are skills that will be necessary and beneficial to any employee of the workforce. 

This course aims to tap on the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required when responding, participating, leading, utilizing, managing and sustaining effective communication. These lessons would hopefully help in transforming you into workers or employees who not only knows how to effectively communicate, but also workers who can effectively listen.

In the workplace, you will be dealing with different kinds of people and industries for work and business transactions. Thus, it is crucial for you to know the necessary skills to communicate to these various sources. Welcome to the second module of the communication course: "Participating in Workplace Communication." 

This module covers the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to gather, interpret, and convey information in response to workplace requirements.  For the first part of this module, we will discuss obtaining and conveying workplace communication. Meanwhile, the second part of this module will focus on completing relevant work-related documents.

Welcome to the first module of the Communication Integrated with 21st Century Skills Course.  This module is entitled "Receiving and Responding to Workplace Communication."  In this module, we will be covering the basics of communication and why it is crucial in creating an ideal workplace environment. 

For the first part of this module, we will be talking about following routine spoken messages. You can expect to learn the basics of communication and its context in the workplace after accomplishing this unit. Knowing the fundamentals of communication will hopefully aid you in knowing which areas of your communication skills should be improved. Of course, it's not enough to just know the concepts, so for the second part of this module, we will tackle: "Performing workplace duties following written notices."

This module will hopefully help-not just in transforming you to a communicator who can respond, but a communicator who can genuinely understand.