Environmental Literacy

Welcome to Environmental Literacy.

Environment literacy is one of the Basic Competencies in all the qualifications at National Certificate level 1 and 2. It is also one of nine 21st Century Skills of today’s workers.

The 21st century skills cover  the knowledge needed in exercising, evaluating, developing or enhancing, managing and sustaining effective, sustainable development procedures. These are basic competencies that everybody needs in order to perform satisfactorily at work and in society and are considered portable and transferable irrespective of jobs and industrial settings.

Here in this course you will learn the required knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to orient oneself to environmentally sustainable work standards and how to exercise sustainable development in your workplace.

After learning and familiarizing yourself with the basic concepts and ideas such as climate change and its resultant environmental impacts, waste reduction and management and different environmental regulations, you will now learn how to apply these in your workplace to achieve sustainable development, particularly on the topics such as introduction to sustainable development, workplace resources and conservation techniques, and opportunities to improve resource efficiency.

With the rapid deterioration of the environment, it is essential for everyone to step up and be active in protecting what is left and help improve the conditions of the environment not only for the present generation but also for the generations to come.

Welcome to Module I: Orienting Oneself To Environmentally Sustainable Work Standards.

In this unit, you will learn the knowledge, skills, and attitude needed to follow procedures for environmental hazard control, pollution control, and sustainability policies that will help make your workplace an environmentally-sound workplace.