Housekeeping NC II

Housekeeping NC II qualification consists of competencies that a person must achieve to prepare guest rooms, clean public areas and equipment, provide housekeeping services, provide valet services, handle intoxicated guest, and laundry linen and guest clothes to a range of accommodation services.

To attain the National Qualification of Housekeeping NC II, the candidate may apply for assessment in any accredited Assessment Centers, and must demonstrate competence in all units/clusters of core units of the Qualification.

A person who has achieved this qualification is competent to be employed as a Junior Cleaner, Assistant Cleaner, Assistant Public Area Cleaner, Cleaner, Public Area Cleaner, Attendant, Room/Cabin Attendant/Room Maid, Laundry Attendant, Housekeeping Attendant and Butler.

This course deals with the skills and knowledge required to provide housekeeping services to guests within the tourism industry. This course also provides a glimpse on the duties and responsibilities of the different positions under the Housekeeping department.

Valet Servicing covers skills and knowledge required to provide valet/butler services in a commercial accommodation establishment.

This self-paced course is one of the competencies in Housekeeping NC II.